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FAQuestions’s about Car Window Repair

by Jason Jackson on

FAQ’s about Car Window Repair Jackson Mobile Auto Glass is your local full-service mobile auto glass repair and replacement company. We know that despite following good traffic rules of following distances and going slow on gravel roads, chips and cracks do occur. When it happens to you, you may have some questions. This week’s blog will cover some of the more common questions people have. Does the Location of the Chip or Crack Matter? Location of the chip or crack does indeed matter. A chip near the edge of the windshield is more likely to turn into a growing crack. Read more…

Repair or Replace the Windshield?

by Jason Jackson on

The sound of your windshield cracking or chipping is one of the worst sounds you can hear. You’re driving home from work one day, minding your own business, and then you hear it….CRACK, like a bullet! A rock from a truck in front of you hits your windshield. It’s a frustrating situation because even though it wasn’t your fault at all, you are responsible for getting it fixed. But with all the different types of cracks and specifications, how do you know whether you need a simple repair or a full replacement? Here are a few questions you should ask Read more…

How to Protect a Broken Car Window Until it Can Be Repaired by Jackson Mobile Auto Glass

by Jason Jackson on

    After a window on your car is broken, outside elements can enter your car. This includes things like pests or rain and snow. It also makes it easier for a thief to steal something from your car or gain access to steal your car. In a perfect world, you could take your car to an auto glass repair shop and have the glass repaired right away. However, you may not have the money or your car may have glass that needs to be ordered or custom made, meaning it takes time to get the glass to make the Read more…