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How do I know if my windshield can be repaired instead of replaced?

If the chip in your windshield can be covered with a quarter, it can be repaired. If it’s larger than a quarter (including cracks), then the windshield needs to be replaced.

What determines the price of my windshield replacement or repair?

There are a few factors that will determine the cost of your service. In addition to the cost of the glass and labor, we also factor in how quickly you will need your vehicle serviced and the location of the service. Scheduling a day in advance, or in the morning, is always best. Rushed appointments, or appointments made late on a busy day will affect the price.

If I can find a lower price with one of your competitors, will you match it?

We feel our prices are already appropriately set. If someone is offering you a lower price, they are probably also offering a lower quality of service. Jackson Mobile Glass has a great reputation across the Central Valley for providing quality service. Before scheduling service with our competitors we strongly suggest that you research all of our reviews on Yelp, Google+ or Yahoo Local.

Can I pay a lower price if I schedule multiple vehicles for service?

In some cases we can give a lower quote when servicing multiple vehicles during one visit. Please call if you and your family or co-workers want to schedule back-to-back appointments in the same location.

What types of payment do you take?

We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and most insurance. Payments must be ready prior to service.

Are you sure my window is in stock?

Yes! We can replace any vehicle window. When you call we’ll need to know which window needs to be replaced. Refer to the diagram below for help.

My windshield has stuff attached to it. How will you handle this?

Some windshields have special features. We will need to know ahead of time which features we need to accommodate. This will determine the price and how quickly your vehicle can be serviced. Review our Glossary of Auto Glass Terms to see if your windshield will require special attention.

Can I have my glass replaced somewhere other than my home?

Yes, we can repair or replace your window at home or at work. However, you should take precautions. You should avoid having your windshield replaced outside when the weather is wet or rainy. Any time the temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, urethane adhesives may not adhere properly, and your windshield could leak or lose its adhesion. In low temperature and high humidity situations, a reputable company will use a two-part sealant containing a chemical drying process that will harden quickly under all temperature and humidity conditions. No reputable company would replace a windshield during poor weather conditions without placing your vehicle under cover to protect it during the installation and ensure proper adhesion.

Can I bring my vehicle to you?

We are a mobile unit and conveniently work wherever your car is.

What areas do you service?

Here is a list of areas we service: Summary of Auto Glass Repair Services

Can you replace or repair my auto glass without me being present?

Yes. However, we will need your verbal or written authorization and access to your vehicle. The vehicle will need to be left unlocked to complete the work. For power door glasses, we will need the keys in order to get power to the door. We would be happy to lock the vehicle and leave the key in an arranged and safe location after the work is completed.

Do you schedule time frames for the mobile auto glass appointment?

Yes. Due to traffic or unforeseen circumstances, Jackson Mobile Auto Glass does prefer to have a four hour window for appointments. We recommend either a morning appointment (8-12) or afternoon appointment (1-5). When requested, we can narrow the time frame to a two hour window. Special accommodation can be made upon request. Nevertheless, an auto glass technician will call you before arrival to narrow the time down for you.

Will weather conditions affect my scheduled appointment?

If the weather is rainy and there is no cover, your appointment may need to be rescheduled for a later time.

The car glass shattered all over my vehicle, will it be cleaned?

Yes. Jackson Mobile Glass will vacuum all visible glass pieces found in and around your vehicle and inside the frame.

Will my rear view mirror be reattached to the windshield in the same place?

Yes. The rear view mirror bracket is usually already located on the new windshield. Therefore, the technician simply removes the old mirror and reattaches it to the new bracket.

I have stickers on my windshield can they be re-applied to my new one?

Yes. We always remember to retain your oil change sticker! Our trained technicians will attempt to carefully remove your sticker and replace it if possible. If you have a military sticker, this process will be a little more difficult because the sticker is made to break-up upon removal. However, we will save the pieces of the sticker on a sheet of paper.

Can I drive my car immediately after the windshield is installed?

A minimum one-hour wait is the recommended safe time to wait for the windshield can properly dry so that all functions of the vehicle safety device can operate properly in the event of an accident. The urethane that is used to hold your windshield in place takes time to set up. The time varies depending on the type of urethane and the weather conditions. On warm, high humid days the urethane may set up faster than on cold, drier days. This is why we do not install windshields in temperatures below 40 degrees. Not waiting the recommended time to dry is not only placing the adhesion at risk, but most importantly, you or your passengers.

How long does my car have to set after a windshield installation?

Most windshield installations require that the car remain out of service for 1-3 hours depending on the humidity and temperature. Upon request and with extra fee, we can install the windshield with a special chemically curing urethane with a guaranteed drive away time of 1 hour.

What do I need to do after a windshield installation?

Here are some important guidelines:
• Do not wash your vehicle for twenty-four hours
• Leave a small gap in your door glass to prevent build-up of air pressure
• Do not slam the doors for the first 24 hours
• Limit any driving for first 24 hours if possible
• Remove any tape that was used after 24 hours

If I leave the state and I have an issue with installation will it be covered?

Yes. Jackson Mobile Glass offers a limited lifetime warranty. Give us a call and if we cannot resolve the issue because of want or distance, we will locate a reputable auto glass company that will take care of any of your warranty concerns at absolutely no cost to you if the cause of the issue is related to the original installation.

Are all windshields the same quality?

All windshields must meet, exceed and pass all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. That means that the glass and vinyl thickness are federally regulated. Therefore, all windshields are produced to the same original manufacturer’s guidelines. In fact, most manufacturers get the material from the same source. The difference is the brand name that is etched on the glass and the company who manufactured the glass.

Do you work on antique or classic cars?

Yes. Depending on the make, model, year, and which window needs to be replaced.

What is O.E.M. Glass?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means that the glass meets the original specifications for safety and quality as the glass that it came with from the factory, however most reputable glass companies will only use glass that has been approved by the United Sates Department of Transposition. Over the last ten years, many glass manufacturers have moved their equipment to China. These Chinese manufactures are actually in possession of the high quality American machines, but produce the same exact product overseas. In fact, many OEM parts are not even made in the US! So don’t let anyone tell you OEM is a must, it is simply a choice between quality and quantity. Windshields may look simple, but they are actually made from two pieces of glass that are bent in a very precise way. If a windshield does not meet the exact specifications of the manufacturer, it will not fit perfectly in your car. The best way to ensure exact fit is to use a windshield produced from a fixture engineered to manufacturer’s specifications. OEM glass is your assurance that this has occurred. New vehicles off the showroom floor contain all O.E.M. parts; e.g. (Fenders, bumpers, glass.) When any part is replaced that is not made by the car manufacturer you are replacing the O.E.M. part with an aftermarket part. The aftermarket part is not the original equipment for your car and in some cases may not be as high quality. However, all parts that Jackson Mobile Glass uses are high quality, inspected and approved by the Federal Department of Transportation. You will see the D.O.T # stamped on the windshield bug logo.

What is the difference between dealer/factory glass, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and aftermarket glass?

Many OEM auto glass manufacturers produce the glass for the automobile makers. Therefore, an OEM auto glass manufacturer such as LOF, PPG, Mopar, Carlite, and Guardian may hold the original windshield template for the automobile producer. This means that the template used for manufacturing the windshield are too the exact “original” specifications. The OEM auto glass manufacturer produces these windshields for the auto producer with the dealer insignia (GMC, Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Chevy, Dodge) in the bottom corner and send them back to the car dealer for resale. These auto glass OEM manufacturers will also use the “same original” template to resale to the public with their “own” insignia (Pilkington, PPG, Guardian, Mopar, Carlite). Most OEM auto glass manufacturers cannot re-sell the windshield back to the public with the “dealer” insignia. Therefore, the windshield could be the “same” original template manufactured part with a different insignia.